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Do you ever feel you need a guideline to the guidelines? There are numerous books and guidelines available that talk about “good” Human Machine Interfaces but who has time to or want to ready them all? This is a short presentation the compares the major guidance sources for the process industry and attempts to clarify/explain some of the common recommendations.
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The elements of Advanced Process Graphics are;

  • Format,
  • Content,
  • Structure and
  • Integrated Alarming, Controls, Navigation

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Published in Pipeline & Gas Journal, February 2013, Vol. 240 No. 2
By Dan Roessler, TiPS Incorporated and Lisa Garrison, Acuite

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Over 10 years ago I attended one of my first Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Consortium quarterly meetings. One of the heated topics discussed at this meeting was the “lights-out” scenario for future plants. Time has passed and we still have humans “in the loop”. Recently, this topic once again is gaining attention and for some very good reasons. There have been significant improvements in remote monitoring that now enable companies to reduce human exposure to potentially hazardous environments. Risk reduction is certainly a direction we want to go but are there hidden problems?

Operator Interfaces: Moving from Comfortable to Most Effective
by Renee Robbins Bassett, Media & Events Director…