Acuitē offers an complete range of Human Factors services and products to support your project(s) from beginning to end. We are a global human factors engineering company that specializes in the process industry. We have experience with large and small projects and can tailor a solution to fit your needs and timeline.

Our Team has been through the upgrade and migration process numerous times on different control systems. As a result, we have developed a proven set of processes and documentation that enable consistency and efficiency. Acuitē can deliver the big picture as well as the detailed documentation to get the job done, get everyone on the same page, and provide a process for change management.

HMI Design

We provide a comprehensive set of HMI design services to suit the needs of any project. Whether using our APG solution or other vendor packages, we can help you maximize the performance of your HMIs.

Workplace Ergonomics

Acuitē provides control center design services for new and existing facilities. We can assist you with everything from the operator consoles to the layout of the building itself.


Acuitē offers several workshops on topics such as Human Machine Interface design, Control Center design, and Human Factors issues in the process industries. Content and level of detail can be adjusted to suit audience interests.


We offer a variety of performance assessments to help you determine where to focus your resources to get the most from your HMI, Product or Control Center.