Assessments & Evaluations

Assessments are a great method to measure where your facility stands relative to industry guidelines, regulatory requirements, and best practices. The assessment results can be used in making decisions about whether to initiate a new project, or as a way of determining where to focus resources in updating an operations facility, updating or migrating operator HMIs, or improve the usability of a product.

Acuitē is currently offering a quick low cost mini-assessment of your current operating graphics. See how you measure up to the guidelines and learn where you have opportunities for improvement.

APG Design Suite

The APG Design Suite includes tools that allow designers to rapidly layout and configure display pages, thus dramatically increasing the efficiency of implementation.

  • Easy to use, drag-and-drop design environment requires minimal training and allows easy sharing, commenting, and revision of draft designs
  • Design tools are independent of DCS hardware/software, allowing design to proceed before or in parallel with DCS implementation
  • Objects can be configured automatically at design time by linking to your tag database
  • Completed page layouts can be automatically translated to the DCS environment in seconds, dramatically reducing implementation time


  • Operator Graphics Evaluation
  • HMI Alarms
  • Control Rooms
  • Control Room Management
  • Mobile Device HMI
  • Product/Software Usability

Example: HMI Evaluation

An HMI evaluation considers all of the major design elements that contribute to efficient and effective operations. Typically such assessments are performed on a small sample of a facility’s current HMIs, but comprehensive reviews of all HMIs in a facility can also be performed. This does require an on-site visit. Some of the factors considered include:

  • HMI information content
  • Structure and organization
  • Page layout
  • Use of color
  • Alarms and alarm symbols

This is just a partial list. Contact us for more details on HMI Evaluations