About Us

About Acuite

Acuitē specializes in Human Factors, Control Room Management and Design, and Advanced Graphics Design. Our Advanced Process Graphics (APG) Object Design tools and methodolgy exceed ASM and EEMUA guidelines. Additionally we deliver training, workshops, design and consulting services, as well as project execution to diverse process industries across the world.

Regardless of size, industry, or the technology you have in place, we will work with you to create user interfaces and workplaces that are intuitive, attractive, and fit for purpose.


Acuitē is a group of highly talented engineers and consultants that function as a team of human factors and user interface design experts.


We believe that a supportive and collaborate relationship between industry and research will enable both parties to learn, develop and create even better solutions.

What our Customers Say

“We need these now – we can’t wait for these – if anybody thinks we shouldn’t do this, send them to me because I can’t believe t here’s something like this available and we’re running without it.”
– Senior Operations Supervisor

“These graphics are great… you can tell that there will be less trips because you will see things coming before they trip you out.”
– Senior Operator

“You’ll have less downtime because you have better information an d it will ultimately result in smoother plant operation.”
– Senior Operator

“This interface makes operating the plant too easy… everything is right there for you”
– Operator

“This makes it easy for us experienced guys, but also makes it easier for the rookies who are not as familiar wit the plant.”
– Senior Operator

HMI Solutions

Realizing the full benefits of any HMI requires careful design of the information format, content and organization of the graphics pages. Acuitē provides a full range of services & products to support high performance graphics. We employ a user-centered design process that goes beyond P&IDs to tap into the knowledge and experience of your personnel. We involve users early in design, which increases engagement and acceptance, and results in more robust designs requiring fewer post-implementation changes.

HMI Assessments

Thinking about improving you operator graphics? Do you comply with current industry standards, regulations and guidelines? Acuite can provide a quick low cost assessment of your graphics or more detailed evaluation of your operators user interface.


Workshops are a good starting point to learn more about the issues, standards and science of applying Human Factors.